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DDA has started the much awaited redevelopment process in Kathputli colony and the slum dwellers are thankful to DDA for kick-starting this development. Seeing this major development, Kathputli colony slum dwellers are rejoicing and thanking DDA and the Government for kick-starting the redevelopment process for their betterment. After issuing the notices to the residents on October 25, 2017 to vacate the colony, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) on 30th October 2017, carried out a demolition drive at the Kathputli Colony situated in west Delhi. The authorities had also made appropriate arrangements which would ensure that no resident was left homeless. Under the Kathputli colony redevelopment, taken up in 2009, EWS houses were to be built for the identified eligible residents. To enable this redevelopment, the private developer has built transit accommodation for them at Anand Parbat. During the last three years, further to the efforts of the DDA, majority of families have shifted to the transit accommodation and rest of the families will be shifted soon. Ever since their houses have been razed, they are provided with proper food and shelter along with adequate medical facilities. The DDA has ensured that they are provided with all the basic amenities. Not only this, the Government is also actively supporting them by providing food and water. Each and everything, right from shifting to transit camps to food, water and medical facilities, everything is well managed. The transition process is taking place very smoothly and it is ensured that they are not facing any problem.

The press note appended below presents the whole sequence of the redevelopment process:


1. DDA’s approximately 5.2 Hectares. Of land situated near Shadipur Depot, West Delhi is under encroachment by slum & JJ dwellers for the past more than 40 years. This slum basti is known as Kathputli Colony. After notification of MPD 2021, tenders were floated for in-situ redevelopment of this colony under ‘PPP’ mode.

2. Initially the survey was conducted by taking 31.1.2011 as cut off date with the approval of the authority since the survey of the colony was completed in January, 2011. A survey list of 2641 dwellers was prepared and uploaded on DDA’s website. On the directions of Hon’ble High Court of Delhi, the documents of 1203 additional claimants were received in 2014. It was found that only 89 claimants had submitted the requisite documents and were actual families residing at Kathputli Colony. The claim of these dwellers could not be finalised due to non-submission of requisite documents or squatters being in actual possession of jhuggis.

3. The shifting process of dwellers from Kathputli Colony to Transit Camp at Anand Parbat was first started in Feb. 2014 and by the end of July 2014, 527 families shifted to the Transit Camp. The shifting process got discontinued every now and then on account of operation of code of conduct due to three successive elections in Delhi.

4. The Authority approved the recommencement of the shifting process as per Agenda Item dated 18.11.2016 & considered remaining dwellers whose names did not appear in the survey list or were left out inadvertently, but had requisite documents fulfilling the eligibility criteria as per guidelines issued on 02.07 .2014 in addition to 2641 families without effecting any change in policy guidelines, requisite documents, court directions only after accepting verifying their documents adequate police support is ensured.

5. After the approval of the Authority, the shifting process restarted on 19 December, 2016. The adequate police personnel were deployed at the site by the Delhi police to facilitate peaceful shifting of the families by maintaining law and order situation. Till 30th June, 2017, 828 additional families were shifted to the Transit Camp bringing the total number to 1355. About 1/3rd demolition work has been completed so far and about 4 acres of land has been reclaimed.

6. Thereafter representations were received from various political leaders, communities, NGOs and Pradhans of various samajs squatting at Kathputli Colony from time to time to include the squatting families, who were left out in earlier survey and were eligible before 30.1.2011 or who came in Kathputli Colony after 30.1.2011.

7. Delhi Urban Shelter improvement Board (DUSIB) got its Policy of Relocation approved from the Government of India and according to that cut-off date for determining the eligibility of JJ basti was extended upto 1.1.2015. Accordingly, fresh applications were invited from the slum dwellers of Kathputli colony giving wide publicity by publishing the notices in newspapers and displaying the same on various locations of the Kathputli Colony, Transit Camp and DDA Camp office. Fresh applications were received between 6.7.2017 to 25.7.2017.

8. During this drive 2102 fresh claims were received from the JJ dwellers of Kathputli Colony. The same were scrutinised as per the policy guidelines and the revised lists of eligible dwellers were pasted/displayed/announced in September, 2017. Draw was also fixed for allotment of EWS flats to the eligible dwellers for Narela. The representatives of the dwellers of Kathputli Colony again represented at various levels for corrections and to consider the names of those who were left out. Camp was again held at Transit Camp, Anand Parbat and Kathputli Project office where their representations were received till 17.10.2017. The same were examined as per policy guidelines and fresh lists were pasted/displayed/announced. As per latest lists, following has emerged as observation.

  • Dwellers eligible for allotment of alternate EWS flats at Kathputli Colony and who have to shift to Transit Camp, Anand Parbat (Pre 31.1.2011) is 2800.
  • Dwellers eligible for allotment of alternate EWS flats at Narela as per draw conducted by DDA (Post 31.1.2011 till 1.1.2015) is 492.
  • Applicants not found eligible due to incomplete documents/non-compliant with the guidelines (Post 1.1.15/No Election Card/No documents/No jhuggi) is 771.

9. Draw of allotment for the provisionally eligible dwellers for Narela numbering 492 has been conducted on 25.10.2017. Provisional allotment-cum-possession letters have been prepared and will be issued to them at the spot.

10. Result of draw, and the three lists mentioned above have been uploaded on DDA website in hot links.

11. Appellate Authority Comprising of a (retired) Additional District and Sessions Judge, Sh. C.K. Chaturvedi, a retd. Officer of Joint Secretary level, Sh. Ranbir Singh and a Social worker Ms. Rachna Tewary has been constituted and has started functioning from Press Building, Vikas Sadan, INA, New Delhi. They will be hearing the appeals against the orders of the Eligibility Determination Committee.

12. As per decision of the Authority, 2800 dwellers based on their seniority (as per the date of Election Identity Card) for the time being will be shifted to the transit camp, Anand Parbat and after redevelopment of the Kathputli Colony, will be allotted flats in redeveloped Kathputli Colony. The remaining 492 provisionally eligible dwellers are to be allotted newly constructed EWS flats in Pkt 4, Sector G-7/G-8, Narela. Electricity and potable water supply is available at both Transit Camp and EWS flats at Narela. For smooth transition, Control rooms at Narela, Transit Camp and at Kathputli Colony (KPC) have been established to take necessary action and handing over of the possession, etc.

13. The services like schools, transport, water, sewerage, shops, etc. are available in the vicinity of this pocket at Narela. DDA has also raised 4 (four) porta cabins within the housing complex which will be allotted temporarily on license fee basis to ensure availability of provisions.

14. Mother Dairy has been allotted space in the said pocket and has been assigned the task of providing a milk booth and safal outlet in the housing pocket at Narela.

15. Section 10(1) of DUSlB Act provides as under:

”10. (1) The Board shall have the power to prepare a scheme for the removal of any jhuggi jhopri basti and for resettlement of the residents thereof, and the consent of the residents of the jhuggi jhompri basti shall not be required for the preparation or implementation of such a scheme.
Explanation- Nothing in sub-section (1) shall derogate the power of the Central Government to remove jhuggis, if required. "

Operative part of Hon’ble Court Order dated 20.03.2014 in W.P.(C)1290/2014 lN THE MATTER OF BHULE BISRE KALAKAR COOPERATIVE INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION SOCIETY LTD. & ORS is reproduced as under:

“At the same time, learned counsel for the respondent No.2/DDA states on instructions from his officer, that till date, no coercive measures have been taken by the authorities to remove any of the residents of the settlement colony for relocating them to the Transit Camp and every effort shall be made by the respondent No.2/DDA to play a positive and supportive role in persuading the residents of the colony to voluntarily relocate to Anand Parbat as soon as possible, since a lot of investment has been made by the respondent No.3/Developer in setting up the Transit Camp and any further delay in vacating the settlement colony shall result in bringing the entire project to a grinding halt. He however clarifies that the aforesaid assurance given by DDA that it shall play a supportive role to enable the W.P.(C) 1290/2014 Page 9 of 9 residents of the colony to shift to the Transit Camp should not be interpreted to mean that DDA is permanently precluded from taking appropriate steps available to it in law for relocating the residents in the settlement colony to the Transit Camp, if faced with continuing resistance.”

“It goes without saying that if the respondent No.2/DDA takes any step to relocate the residents of the settlement colony to the Transit Camp, the same shall be strictly in accordance with the law. It is further clarified that those residents of the settlement colony, who have voluntarily taken. A decision to shift to the transit camp, shall proceed to do so unhindered by any third party and the directions issued in this order shall not preclude the other residents of the colony from shifting to the Transit Camp at the earliest.”

17. The petition is disposed of along with the pending application.

DASTI to the parties.
(HlMA KOHLI) MARCH 20, 2014


  • DDA is committed to provide EWS flats to every slum dweller who has
    • A family
    • Occupies a jhuggi
    • Has proof as per guidelines issued by government and DUSIB guidelines.
  • Construction of flats for 1st in-situ slum redevelopment is starting immediately and is likely to be completed within 2 years.
  • Slum dwellers, over and above 2800, shall be getting possession in Narela’s ready units.
  • The sample flat of the size- 30.5 each along with project model is displayed at the camp office at Kathputli Colony as per Architectural Impression.

What is DDA IN-SITU Scheme

DDA for the first time has launched the "In-Situ Slum Rehabilitation Scheme" to rehabilitate slum dwellers. This is a departure from the earlier re-settlement schemes wherein they were shifted and settled in far-off places of occupation and residence leading to unemployment.

Under the scheme, re-settlement will be done on the land occupied by jhuggi-jhonpri clusters with private partnership. The land will be sold through the tender process to a private partner for construction of multi-storey houses. The number of storey’s will depend on the availability of land.

DDA in the year 2004 ran schemes for rehabilitating such slum dwellers through re-development/ progress of the existing areas of Delhi like Narela, Dwarka etc. in order to make Delhi slum free and provide these people a house with hygienic conditions. Unfortunately such schemes did not take off because there were no jobs accessible adjacent to it. These slum dwellers used to come back again and again as they had no choice of getting jobs around. DDA finally came out with in-situ slum rehabilitation policy under PPP model and in 2008, tenders were proposed to private developers. Eight developers qualified for the bid. The first tender was floated to rehabilitate Kathputli Colony which is one of Delhi's largest slum clusters and was won in a competitive open tender process by a Delhi based developer, Raheja Developers Ltd.
Slum Rehabilitation - Kathputli Colony
Under this scheme, the 2800 families of Kathputli shall be given a new lease of life by providing them with the latest modern apartments with high-end amenities like attached Bath, Toilets & Kitchens, Tiled flooring, Advanced Fire Detection & Fire Sprinter Systems. Seismic Zone 5 compliant RCC structure designed and certified by IIT/ other reputed structure MEP consultants.

This is apart from consolidated amenities like Green Parks, Schools for Children's Education, Exhibition Spaces for local Arts & Crafts, open Theatres for Performance, Storage Spaces for Artifacts, Police Station, Fire Station, Parking Facilities, Shops for daily conveniences. Each Apartment shall be over 30 sq. meters in size with a living/ dining area, bedroom area, kitchen, toilet, bath, large 4.5 sq. meter terrace area.

Till the time these architectures are built on site, the Kathputli colony residents shall be rehabilitated in a Transit Camp facility at Anand Parbat barely, 1.8 kms away from the Kathputli Colony. This shall be only for 2-3 years by which time the buildings shall be ready. The Transit camp is also a ultra modern complex with all latest facilities. All this is being allocated to the Kathputli residents and the costs are borne by the private developer, who in lieu of this will get a small portion of site for a private development which he can sell in open market to recover the massive construction costs of 2800 apartments at Kathputli colony and another 2800 independent houses at Transit Camp.
It is due to the Delhi Government and DDA's commitment towards service to the society and Nation that such schemes are becoming possible and giving a fresh face to the city, moving towards a slum free Delhi.

Proposed In-Situ Units

Slum Rehabilitation Scheme - Kathputli Colony
Facilities at proposed In-Situ Resettlement Housing Complex for JJ Slum Dwellers at Kathputli Colony

Sufficient facilities and provisions have been created for performance, training on the ground to conduct their performance sessions. Along with this, display areas for their artifacts are also provided so that they can emblaze and sell and even export, their art and handicrafts to visiting tourists which will empower them to earn for themselves and will help for their socio-economic upliftment. An amphitheatre is also being constructed so that the community can hold large public performances. There is provision for school site, playground, multipurpose hall, community development centre, electric substations, medical centre etc. in the plan.

The complex has been designed with the help of renowned town planners and architects. The present design, which is duly approved by all the concerned authorities, has taken into account all the planning norms. After observing these planning norms which ensure green and open spaces, building to building distance for natural light and ventilation, wide roads, circulation area, parking area, school area, fire tender movement and other miscellaneous facilities area etc. Therefore, the available footprint area left out is suitable only for high rise apartments of fifteen to sixteen storeys.

There is also provision for advertising on the roof tops, in the lifts, on the walls so as to earn for payment of maintenance of services such as running of lifts etc.

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